About Us

A brand new dating service called  AgelessHookup has been recently launched, which helps older men who seek to date or befriend younger women.

AgelessHookup.com is a brand new dating service focusing on a different niche of dating; rather than being just another dating site connecting young adults, this special dating portal connects older men and younger women.

This premiere dating community already has a long list of members who all believe in starting a new age-gap relationship, and the response has been quite amazing so far.

After finishing a quick free sign-up, a person can hope to get exact matches for a partner of his or her choice. You can go through the discussion forums here to know about what the current members of  AgelessHookup.com are up to.

This dating service helps older men to reclaim their youth, especially as many of them come out of  long relationships and are willing to give it a fresh start. The women who believe in company of a mature older person can benefit greatly from this unique online dating portal. In either case, people can start a new relationship, which can be just friendship or romantic. The company head sent out a message to the younger women – “Older men can bring an exciting new dimension to relationships.  Older Men Younger Women is the ideal place to explore new possibilities and discover what you really want from a relationship.”

Within a few days of launch, AgelessHookup.com already boasts of a huge list of genuine members. The website has chatting options, forums, blogs and all kind of social networking features too. Even before registering with the website, one can take a look at the discussions that are currently going on in various forums, read through a series of blogs and can even indulge in chatting, to find out more about the services.

The founder of the company said – “There are tons of online dating portals out there full of fake profiles, offering very little real value to the customers; do not take chances with other dating sites – here at Older Men Younger women, it’s all about just genuine connection, and this is a focused community that goes beyond the usual dating.”

Signing up and registering a profile with AgelessHookup.com is completely free and the members need not worry about any kinds of hidden costs, and one can take a quick look at the dedicated FAQs section, to seek answers to the common queries.

Go through the section of “success stories” to know all about the success that present members have had so far. You can get various helpful dating younger women ideas.


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