Younger women dating older men in Michigan

Like many younger women dating older men, the dilemma is whether to keep it secret or to show it openly and feel no social pressure from society. it would be safe to assume that every woman would deal with it very differently. some women would be confident and willing to let others see into their lives while other women would try to avoid the judgment of the public at any cost. This would drive many younger women online where they could conduct their online dating in private. Younger women dating older men in Michigan

We have all seen the younger woman and the older man walking together, hand in hand, or affectionate enough for the rest of us to pause and double take. is that his daughter? They must be family! Then they kiss for a little long to be family. it does exist and i’m certain if you are a single older man the thought of entertaining a younger woman must have crossed your mind at least once? However, the reality is there are not as many younger women that want the same thing and the younger ladies that do want it go online first before any type of public attempt.

We know why online is good – but what are the hazards?

The most frequent hazard that has popped up regularly is the misuse of the dating profile picture. The photo is either fake, to old or out-dated or it has been photo shop to death and the person in the photo looks airbrushed enough to make the front cover of any fashion magazine.

We all wish the confidence trickster did not exist online but they do. Too many innocent dating members of various dating services have been conned out of money by an internet criminal posing as a potential dating partner. i don’t think we can ever get rid of internet crime 100% but we could all be wiser to their scams and not fall their tricks.

How can we beat the fraud?

Maybe dating website owners can screen every member that joins? The sheer numbers of people joining would not allow that to be done easily. What else can the industry do?

start at the root of the most common problem of all. The profile picture.

Younger women dating older men who are browsing over profile photographs could replace this traditional method with searching dating videos of older men. A dating video is so much harder to fake because the webcam tells no lies unless they use a third party web camera enhancement program. However, that is easily detectable and noticed by those who watch their dating video.

The benefits of video dating

see what another member really looks like. Hear their voice and watch their expressions. That is something a photograph will never be able to replicate.

if you are like many younger women dating older men and you would like some assurance, security and integrity put back into your online dating – go video!





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