Child Lover

Child lover, born with a rose in her hair
She seemed to be alive without a care
He wanted to pluck the rose from her hair
She coyly smiled at him behind her rosy lips
She liked a man like this
He was little boy blue from the fire and sea
He was all I ever wanted to see
His blonde hair cascaded all over me
It was like an ocean of yellow, he was so delicate and mellow
His fingers stretched on and on, he is my little fawn
He stroked at my skin at dawn, while the dew covered it
Beads of sweat and water, rolling off of my petals
He waited for them to drop into his open waiting mouth, tongue under them now
His blue eyes flickered to me; ask for me, all of me
Give all you can give of thy, they said
I let out a sigh, I let out a gasp
I wanted to be in this mans grasp
He twirled his fingers in my hair, we shouldn’t be doing this without a care
I am a child lover in his hair, it smells of vanilla and snow covered pears
His skin was raw and white, like snow crunching under my ballerina shoes
I took it between my teeth and tugged it so it bled its release
I wanted him in my little girl hands, gripping and clawing
I was a greedy little princess, covered in cotton candy
He was a man, delicate and scratchy
He smelled of old leather and cigarette smoke
I was always his lover, his little girl
I was a child and a wanted more
Roses in my hands as I let the petals fall
I started to giggle, I wanted them all
I wanted his candy heart and the way he called me a tart
His deep baritone giggles and the way he made me wriggle
Our love is eternal, our love is infernal
Burning me right up, I am so hot under his touch
Jeweled and daisy fresh as I am, all I wanted was his big hands
Run them over my peaches, caress all of my leeches
I’ll be your little girl love, covered in pomegranate juice
I never wanted to be set loose
Give me your love or give me the noose
I am 21 and my husband is in his 40s. ❤



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