Provides Services for the Increasing Number of Younger Women Older Men

Statistics have shown that there is a positive increase in the younger women seeking partners older than them. From the age of 20 upwards the typical female is more open to older men, and in addition stops seeking partners from a younger age group.

The same studies performed by, have shown that the women’s preference to date an 18 year-old match is shrinking after the age of 20, while the male counterparts asked the same question were responsive up to the age of 38.

In addition to the personal preferences with regards to the age, it has been proven that the female desirability decreases after the age of 27, while men’s lasts for another 5 years.

Age difference in seeking a partner is no longer a decisive factor as common grounds and feelings take lead when one is interested in finding their better half. A Harvard study conducted over a period of 75 years showed that love is the most important factor in the pursuit of personal happiness.

A Florida Atlantic University study showed that the age was not included in the characteristics that women seek when considering a partner.

Another statistic shows, based on a 2013 US Current Population Survey that the number of marriages within couples with an age gap has increased, thus the percentage of husbands 4 – 20 years older than the wife is 32.3 %, while vice versa the percentage is 7.6%, thus proving the fact that there is a significant difference with regards to the number of younger women looking for older men.

A different study released by the UK’s Office for National Statistics has shown a higher divorce rate for women marrying a younger man than when the man was actually older than the woman. This was sustainable by the fact that an earlier study showed that the phenomena of females seeking younger partners was not spread worldwide but women’s preference for significantly older men was consistent with all areas of the world.


Given all this data we can conclude that there is a need to be covered with regards to age gap dating, and this is why offers a meeting place that covers this preference alone. The main advantage of using this website is that it offers the possibility to browse through the profiles of people with similar mindsets, values and priorities, without having to go through the tedious filtering of different kind of preferences, numerous hours of chatting on various topics and research into one’s personality.



The best dating site for younger women older men, catering specifically to younger women looking for older men and older men dating younger women.
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