I Date Older Men And I need Help

I know most of you are gonna judge me but I need help. I’m a 17 year old girl and I’ve been seeing this guy, nathan, from work who is 27. To keep things short, nathan started talking to me thinking I was older, but realized just how young I was when we started dating and we both decided not to let the age difference be an issue as long as we kept our relationship a secret. Don’t get me wrong, dating an older guy is kinda fun, but today I realized something. I went to this carnival in my town tonight that they have every year, and I saw the guy from school who I used to have a huge crush on and all these other people from school who were with their boyfriends/girlfriends that are all relatively the same age, and it just got me thinking. I like nathan a lot, but im seeing my crush and all these other kids from school made me realize that I’m just starting to live my life, and nathan has already begun his a long time ago. I just feel like I want to travel and do all these great things with my life, and nathan isn’t really going to do greater things with his. After seeing my crush, it made me realize that I should date someone like him instead of what feels like this old man that I’ve been seeing. But I need your opinions. I don’t want to hear about how I should break up with him because it’s illegal, but I want to know if you think I should break up with him because of my own reasoning, and if I should tell him exactly what I said on here.x

What do you think? Thanks for answering.


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