Two Stories about older men and younger women

Younger women want older men for a variety of reasons. Older men are more witty and confident than younger men. Most women really like conversing with mature, intellectual and witty men. This is another reason why younger women find older men attractive. Older men have a more sober and refined sense of humor which a lot of women find extremely attractive.

older men and younger women

Older men also provide a sense of security and stability which women, irrespective of their age find extremely appealing. Subconsciously every woman is looking for security and stability in a relationship. Older men generally know how to handle their cash. Older men have been through a lot of financial ups and downs and are generally prepared for the worst. Also, older men are not as impulsive as younger men.

Today, I want to share two stories about older men and younger women.


The Girl who wants an older man

I Am A 19 Year Old Girl Who Wants An Older Man. I’ve only had sex twice. The first was with a guy my age and was alright. The second was a sexual assault and ever since, I don’t trust or feel attracted to people my age. I only feel safe and turned on around older men. When I am in class and watch my professors, I literally have to stop myself from jumping their bones. Everytime I see an older man, I imagine what they would do if I tried to seduce them. I work as a Young Liberal for politicians and want to drive all the men around me crazy. I’m scared to put myself out there to older men though. I am nervous that most men would find it disgusting, which is why I like to look at stories about older men lusting after younger women because I get hope that I might be able to find someone who wants me that badly.

Older Men With Younger Women

I’m 61. Recently I was at a workshop and met a much younger woman (mid-twenties I would guess). It was a once-a-week workshop for 3 weeks. The first week I’m sure I noticed her looking at me from across the room a few times. The next week again I noticed even though we were in different places. At the end I was in the elevator and she rushed (well, maybe not rushed, but definitely made a sudden move) in to say that she knew me…It was true, I have interacted on the phone with her a few times during our business day…But not for over a year. We exchanged pleasantries and went on our separate ways. Here’s the thing…I’m very attracted to her. I think she’s a pretty shy gal so, during a break on the final day, I asked her privately at a break if she’s like to go out for lunch that day. She said yes but then she had to cancel to deal with a situation back at the office; but she agreed to meet another day. So we’re getting together this Friday.

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