Age Gap Dating – Younger Women Dating Older Men

Same age relationships are now a thing of the past. Today, people are looking beyond tradition ways and have begun dating partners who are either younger of older to them. The latest trend spotted worldwide is that of age gap dating. This paradigm shift has been spotted particularly among younger women and older menyounger women dating older men

The idea of younger women dating older men has been going on since ages. But what is the reason behind this? What makes younger women prefer older men and why has this being going on for so long? This question has been thought over by both sociologists and psychologists. While some are under the impression that age is merely a number and singles are free to choose anyone they like, others have a different opinion about the same.

It has thus been concluded that this behavior is courtesy of a native tendency of women to find a strong, confident man who would not only giver them emotional boost but also financial support. As a matter of fact, women prefer men who are older, wiser, and mature and have a great job instead of those who are freshmen, selfish and have no secure future.

According to the theory of evolution, this turns out to be an ideal match. Today’s women have begun long – term planning rather than simply thinking about the present. Younger women like dating older men as they provide a better level of emotional and financial stability. On the other hand, older men prefer women who are visually appealing. In fact, this can be considered as a win – win situation for both the sexes.

For a younger woman dating an older man, this dimension provides a great head – start. However, this cannot be considered as a rule of the thumb as both men and women look way beyond these parameters. It is likely that this theory deals more with sexual chemistry rather than physical traits. The size of a man’s wallet may also be a major criterion in this regard. Not all women would like to date an old man who is sexually charged.

If statistics are to be believed, a majority of younger women prefer age gap dating simply because older men are financially sound compared to their younger counterparts. Alternatively, older men prefer younger women because they are flexible and don’t find it difficult to get accustomed to a new environment. Some men also like dating younger women in order to fulfill their sexual desires.

There are numerous websites that provide a medium for interaction between younger women and older men. Taking the aforementioned factors into consideration, it is a wise decision to date an older man. If you are a woman in her 30s and are looking for an older partner, then would give you the perfect stage to find an ideal match. With a host of amazing features and a humongous user base, there is no reason as to why you should bypass it.



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