Top Dating Tips For Older Men Dating Younger Women

Younger women have a different vibe from older women. Sure, they are physically younger so they tend to look better but we are not talking about just arm candy here. Younger women are more vibrant, more full of life and that energy can spill over onto you, making you feel younger in return. There are a lot, and I mean A LOT, of older guys that like to date younger women. It has become more socially acceptable and you see it all the time. What is more, there are more younger women who like to date older men. They tend to mature more rapidly than guys their own age so most often they get tired of the boyish, immature behavior. They want someone who will treat them like a lady. You know, a real man. It is not that hard to date younger women but before you get out there and start looking, here are some tips to help you out.

  • 1. What Younger Women Are Looking For

Why do younger women date older guys? For the maturity, stability, and sense of security that it gives them. They like a guy to be able to take care of them and make them feel safe. Young guys are sometimes too concerned about themselves and trying to act cool. Not all younger women like those kind of games. So they are looking for a guy who is confident and secure in his life. They are looking for a guy who knows how to treat a lady right and puts her first.

  • 2. Give Her Your Full Attention

If you want to date a younger woman, you have to be prepared to give her your full attention. If she wanted a guy that was more into himself, she would date someone her own age. As an older guy, you need to listen to her, look her in the eye when she is talking. Don’t glance around the room or be involved in something else. Ask her what she thinks about some topics. This will let her see that you value her opinion and that you are not just dating her for her looks. By giving her your full attention you let her know that she is a priority and that you value her company.

  • 3. Don’t Be A Sugar Daddy

There is always someone who thinks that the reason a young woman is dating an older man is because she wants a sugar daddy. While the gentlemanly thing to do is to pick up the tab for the date, don’t go all out all the time by buying her expensive gifts and every little thing she may want. Yes, most women like a man who is financially established but you do not want to make it seem like you are trying to woo her with money. It is okay to show off your finances a little but keep it under control

On the same note, be wary of young women who are actually looking for a sugar daddy. Most often these types of women will have high maintenance tendencies and want someone to be their bank roll. These women are a heart break waiting to happen. They are more likely to deplete your bank account and be unfaithful. All they are interested in is your money and once that is gone, they will move on to someone else.

  • 4. She Is Not Your Daughter

When dating younger women, you should treat them with respect and as an equal. Even if they are young enough to be your daughter, you don’t want to treat them as such. A big mistake is to talk down to them or lecture them as you would a child. You are not there to provide a role model and show how much more mature you are than her. To have a good relationship with a younger woman, you should act as if they are an adult and just as mature as you are. Even if they make some mistake that you probably made when you were that age or act in a way that you use to act, don’t lecture. Let them grow on their own. Studies have shown that people in a relationship with someone older tend to mature at a faster rate than others their age. So as long as you act in a mature enough fashion, she will likely adapt quickly.

  • 5. Don’t Try To Act Younger

This is a very common mistake that many older men make. They think that if they act younger, they will attract younger women. This could not be the furthest from the truth. A younger woman is going to go out with you because you are older and (hopefully) more mature. Don’t try to change your appearance or mannerisms to match the younger generation. You certainly shouldn’t try to use the current slang when you talk. It can make you seem ridiculous like you don’t want to accept your age or something. Stick to what makes you comfortable. The best rule of thumb in any relationship is to be yourself.

  • 6. Don’t Interfere

Another common mistake older men make when dating younger women is they try to interfere with the woman’s personal life and affairs. They try to get involved in every aspect of the woman’s life or try to take some measure of control over it. Big mistake. Young women like their freedom. They like to go out with their friends and be independent. Yeah, they would probably appreciate you changing the oil in their car for them but don’t even think about trying to go out for drinks with her and the girls. Give her enough space and don’t smother her.

  • 7. Take The Lead

When the two of you do go out, take the lead and be in charge. That is one of the reasons younger women like older men. They like a man with confidence who knows what he wants. As long as the woman is okay with it, make the decisions for the date. Decide where you are going to go, which restaurant you are going to eat at, and any social events that you might want to attend. Introduce her to your friends and peers with no hesitation. Treat her like the night is all about her. One thing you can do occasionally is a surprise date where the woman doesn’t know where you are going (although it should be something special). As long as your date is okay with you being ‘the man’ in public, then do it.

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