Why are older men looking for younger women?

You probably know that there is a dating trend concerning older men looking for younger women. This is the reason you are probably wondering why there is this age gap dating, and what are the true reason this happens.older men looking for younger women

First of all, you already know that during the first dates it is not love, but pure attraction. And even if there are many older women who look great, it seems that older men are actually looking for younger women. This happens because younger women are more energetic, and therefore they are able to get some of this energy. However the main reason is that women hit maturity at an earlier age than men. This means that when they are looking for a steady partner, they will want a mature person who is able to provide them stability. It is easy to fall in love with an older man when you see that he is no longer a boy, but a confident and charismatic man who is able to show its masculinity. Therefore, women look up to these men, who are quite perfect for a family life. When they see women’s reactions, these men are even more attracted by younger women.

There are many people who say that younger women who stay with older men are materialistic or fortune diggers. This is not true, at least not for all women. As mentioned before, women are attracted by powerful men who have some life experience and who are able to protect them. Imagine that there is a young woman who has to choose between a 22 years old boy and a 40 years old man. The boy is insecure, immature, likes drinking, and from once in a while he cheats his partner with other women. He doesn’t think about a family or saving money for the future, but instead he goes out every night, without caring about his partner’s problems. Contrary to this description, an older man comes along. He is charismatic, has a steady job, is looking for a family, and knows how to offer love. He is there no matter the situation, letting the woman know that he will always be there, providing her security, friendship, and of course a lot of passion. How can anyone tell that a woman won’t fall in love with the older man?

As you can see, older men need someone who needs their love, someone who values their maturity. Younger women have dated so many irresponsible boys that learn to value older men. Here it is all about mutual and genuine feelings, about instant attraction, and about letting love to win. Additionally, it is something about the mystery of each generation that makes older man fall for younger women. If you have had many failed relationships and you want to find a life partner, you can try some modern ways of dating using the Internet. In this way you will be able to find your better half.

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Benefits of dating an older man

There must be 1001 benefits of dating an older man, but I’m not going to have the space nor time to list them all here! Men, like a good wine or claret, mature with age and, these days, many younger women are dating older men as they have come to appreciate the finer points of a man who has successfully passed the immature stages every young man goes through in his late teens and early-mid-late twenties.dating an older man

Conversely, with more and more people logging on to the internet daily and perpetually using the various social media channels to seek friends and partners, there has been a huge upsurge in older men looking for younger women.

So, having said the above, what are some of the key things which attract younger women to date older men?

In no particular order, and in addition to my point about maturity above, I’d summarise some of the key benefits of dating an older man as follows:

  • Worldly experience

older men have seen so much more, perhaps travelled extensively, experienced different cultures, enjoyed more of life’s pleasures and experienced it’s foibles; things which may perturb a younger man will leave older men unruffled

  • Know how to treat women

younger women are continually attracted to the experienced type of older man who can give her what she wants -both in terms of old fashioned chivalry, gentlemanly conduct, overall good behaviour and, of course, …er… between the sheets…

  • More financially secure

older men are usually more financially secure than a young man starting out on his career, who also may not be sure what he wants, what is his priorities are or where his life will take him; younger women crave the security only an older man can offer

  •  Often better presented

usually well dressed, more stylish in their outlook, older men have no need to doggedly follow fashion or be a slave to trends; they have developed their own tastes and style over the years; they know what makes them look good, look suave

  •  Authoritative

older men who have progressed well in their careers often have an aura about them, an aura of being successful, of possessing power, of being able to be protective; younger women often find this a provocative, “heady mix” and enjoy the attachment to such a man

  • Stability

having gone through their emotional teens and twenties, many younger women are looking for a calming influence and see an older man as being able to bring stability and a direction to their lives; the older man has, more than likely, worked out the key drivers to his life’s goals

I can go on, but I think that’s a good start…

In any event, let’s be honest, younger women dating older men is not a new phenomena, it’s just that, like everything else in this age of instant communication, more people are more aware of such relationships actually happening.

Dating an older man can be both fulfilling and rewarding for both parties in the relationship and, with the general liberalisation of attitudes throughout the world, the number of such types of relationships are expected to continue to grow rapidly.

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6 Things Younger Women Expect When Dating an Older Man

Meeting a younger woman you want to date is a big step towards creating a relationship you want. That’s one hurdle done, but now the time comes for your first date. When you’re taking a young woman out on that big first date, what should you do? Here are some tips on what a younger woman expects on the first date with an older man. the first date with an older man

1. Take Her Somewhere Classy

When a young woman dates someone her own age, it usually involves going to the movies, a nightclub, or a neighborhood hangout. When she dates an older man, she expects something different, and this is your chance to make a great impression on the first date. Take her somewhere classy, that younger guys would never choose. It could be an upscale restaurant, a gallery opening, or a charity event. Whatever you choose, give her a special experience that she’s not used to.

2. Act Confident

One of the things that younger women dating older men like is that mature men have more experience in life. They expect an older man to act and speak with confidence. After all, you are more experienced in many matters than she is, and that’s one of the reasons she wants to be with you. When you’re driving to the restaurant, tipping the valet, and ordering the wine with dinner, act confident.

3. Act Mature

Another reason that many young women prefer to go out with older men is that they act more mature than younger guys. Some young men are loud, brash, rude, and always act like they’re at a frat party. As an older man, a woman will expect more from you. No matter what happens, play it cool. Stay calm, keep your temper, and generally act like the mature man you are.

4. Be a Gentleman

Sometimes it seems that manners have disappeared in modern society. Many young men don’t know how to be polite and treat a woman well. For older men dating younger women, this is where you have an advantage. Act like a perfect gentleman on your first date. Open the car door for her, pull out her chair, and compliment what she’s wearing. Brush up on your manners, and you’ll make a good impression.

5. Show Her Respect

When you’re dating a younger woman, especially one who is very attractive, it is likely that she has been treated as an object by many of the men she encounters. When you take the time to listen to her and show her some respect, she will love the attention. Make her feel like you are interested in her as a person, not just a sex toy, and she appreciate you for it.

6. Pay the Bill

Many people assume that the only reason a younger woman wants to date an older man is because of money. Though this is a factor in some cases, it is certainly not the only reason. However, since you are older than her, and are likely to have a better financial situation, she does expect you to pick up the bill on that critical first date.

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How do older men find younger women?

With the increasing trend over recent years of older men seeking younger women, I often get asked several key questions. how to older men find younger women

Firstly, many people ask me: what is it about dating younger women that attracts older men? Another favourite question is: why do so many older men these days appear to be looking for younger women? Is it something to do with the world we live in today, a world of instant communications, a world of easier access to all other parts of the world, than ever before?

Yet out of all the questions I am frequently asked, perhaps, the most common one is: how do older men find younger women?

It’s not that a straightforward answer as, whilst there are many ways to achieve the goal of meeting younger women, some ways will, obviously, be more effective than others. So, let’s consider some of the preferred ways older men can find younger women:

  • Probably the most effective way to find young women is by signing up to a reputable dating website; one which clearly has a track record and a good reputation, and is able to demonstrate that it has large number of members and potential candidates.

This way, obviously, lets both parties check out each other’s background; their needs and wants; likes and dislikes. Also, given that everyone on the website is clearly looking for a partner, this can eliminate potentially embarrassing mistakes in the courting process; and older men looking for younger women can feel more relaxed and comfortable during the initial stages of getting to know each other.

With Skype and other video tools it’s also possible for older men seeking younger women to chat in real time and see their potential girlfriend or wife on camera.

  • Another effective way for older men looking to date younger women is to attend one of the increasingly popular, social events which are specially devised for age-gap couples to attend and meet others of a similar mind. Again, for older men seeking younger women, these events are ideal opportunities for like minded people to get together. The chances at such meetings of misinterpreting the intentions or requirements of younger woman are reduced as both parties will have had the chance to study potential partner’s details in advance.

Often, such events may involve dinner, dancing and general social interactions—all ideal for the older man looking for younger women.

  • Naturally, there are a number of other ways for older men seeking younger women to meet the partner of their dreams, but most of these generally have less chances of success—and more chances of the older man seeking younger women to misinterpret intentions, make mistakes and so on. In any event, such ways include going to bars and restaurants, or even nightclubs, where younger women congregate; meetings at work; introductions by friends, etc.

Suffice to say, as with any dating rituals, when older men are looking for younger women, it’s best to stay with a tried and tested way to try and achieve success. Clearly, it’s up to the individuals concerned but, for older men wanting to date younger women and obtain a life partner, a reputable dating service seems to meet all requirements!

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Why do younger women like older men?

It is impossible to deny that younger women find older men much more attractive and interesting – one just has to look around to find almost every other couple defying the age difference and committing to long term relationships.younger women like older men

Not to mention that these relationships last much longer as compared to the ones with men and women in the same age group. But what is it that works for these couples? Why is it that the age difference acts as a positive force and not a negative one when it comes to love between younger women and older men?

For starters, seeing an established, well settled man tells a woman all she needs to know about a man’s success and drive – two qualities that never fail to build an instant attraction.

Also, the experiences of the added years mean they do have a lot more answers than a boyfriend of the same age. To be able to talk to your partner not just as a lover but also as an adviser is an invaluable asset for a woman in a relationship.

Older men are also typically better behaved and handle situations much better, so that their lady never has to worry about getting into an unnecessary argument with strangers. Too many young women complain about childish behavior of their significant others of the same age, a problem which gets almost completely resolved when they choose to be with older men.

Also, given that older men are more secure both in their life and career; they are more willing to give their lovers all the freedom in the world. They do not start sulking just because their girl was talking to a guy at the bar. They have been there and know it is nothing to be jealous of. This makes women feel more confident of the relationship while also increasing their respect for a man who is understanding and not dominating.

Not to mention that older men are more willing to sit down to discuss situations rather than throw a tantrum and take a fight as an insult to their ego. A woman cannot explain in words just how relaxing it is for her to know she doesn’t have to massage her man’s ego every other day!

Older men are also thoughtful to a fault and take special care to make their lovers feel like a million dollars. Whether it is buying flowers to brighten up a dull day or cooking a special dinner or remembering all the important dates – they know how to make her happy – because they have been through their share of relationships to know what is important.

Older men are also a source of emotional stability and handle crisis situations very well. Also, more and more men are taking good care of themselves by eating healthy and staying fit through regular exercise as they grow older. They look great, have established careers and possess high intelligence and emotional quotient – what else could a woman ask for in the man of her dreams?

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younger women looking for older men in Houston

Today’s article was inspired by one of my readers named Cindy from Houston Texas. She writes, “I am so tired of dating guys my age (mid 20s), they only seem to be interested in partying and having sex.” “Where can I find a guy that is ready to settle down and be serious about a relationship?” younger women looking for older men in Houston

Contrary to popular belief, studies show a lot of women have this complaint about men in their 20’s from Houston. They are either too clingy or too immature to focus their time and energy on one woman. In fact, that is exactly why you will find a ton of younger women looking for older men in Houston.

That’s right, you heard me correct, younger women dating older men is fairly common in Houston for the following reasons:

  • Older Men in Houston Are Financially Stable

He may not be a millionaire, but you certainly won’t have to worry about asking if he wants you to pay the dinner bill. He has a retirement, 401K, and stock options. His house and cars are paid off and he has more money than he knows what to do with it.

  • He is Not Focused On A Career

Houston dating is different than dating in other cities across the US. Older men in Houston are more interested in spending quality time with you rather than focusing on a career. Most of them grew up on a ranch or farm and have learned to rely on God’s green Earth to provide for them. They like the simple things in life so you won’t have to compete with an Ipod, Iphone or any other Igadget. All of his attention and love will be on you.

  • You Don’t Have To Make Decisions

Contrary to the indecisive younger men you are accustomed to dating, younger women are dating older men in Houston because they know how to make decisions. They know exactly what they want, where to take you out to eat, what to buy you, and how to turn you on. He is an experienced bachelor that takes all the guess work away.

  • Sex Will Be Amazing

He may not be as kinky as he used to be, but he will certainly know which buttons to press in order to make your body melt. He knows his way around your lady parts and can keep you satisfied as long as those little blue pills keep working. Houston dating will never be the same after you have made love to an older man.

  • He Will Respect You

Older men is Houston have high morals and values. You can rest assured he will respect you and treat you just as good as he treats his mother. He was taught to treat others how he wants to be treated and will never stray from these teachings.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the solution to your problem is simple, Ms. Cindy. You need to find an older man. Now, you may be wondering where in the world can I find older men that possess all of these qualities and are looking to date?

Well, today you are in luck. I have the perfect solution for you. It is called Ageless Hook Up. This is the absolute best place for younger women older men dating in Houston. I highly encourage you to give it a try.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to hearing from you again soon!

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Child Lover

Child lover, born with a rose in her hair
She seemed to be alive without a care
He wanted to pluck the rose from her hair
She coyly smiled at him behind her rosy lips
She liked a man like this
He was little boy blue from the fire and sea
He was all I ever wanted to see
His blonde hair cascaded all over me
It was like an ocean of yellow, he was so delicate and mellow
His fingers stretched on and on, he is my little fawn
He stroked at my skin at dawn, while the dew covered it
Beads of sweat and water, rolling off of my petals
He waited for them to drop into his open waiting mouth, tongue under them now
His blue eyes flickered to me; ask for me, all of me
Give all you can give of thy, they said
I let out a sigh, I let out a gasp
I wanted to be in this mans grasp
He twirled his fingers in my hair, we shouldn’t be doing this without a care
I am a child lover in his hair, it smells of vanilla and snow covered pears
His skin was raw and white, like snow crunching under my ballerina shoes
I took it between my teeth and tugged it so it bled its release
I wanted him in my little girl hands, gripping and clawing
I was a greedy little princess, covered in cotton candy
He was a man, delicate and scratchy
He smelled of old leather and cigarette smoke
I was always his lover, his little girl
I was a child and a wanted more
Roses in my hands as I let the petals fall
I started to giggle, I wanted them all
I wanted his candy heart and the way he called me a tart
His deep baritone giggles and the way he made me wriggle
Our love is eternal, our love is infernal
Burning me right up, I am so hot under his touch
Jeweled and daisy fresh as I am, all I wanted was his big hands
Run them over my peaches, caress all of my leeches
I’ll be your little girl love, covered in pomegranate juice
I never wanted to be set loose
Give me your love or give me the noose
I am 21 and my husband is in his 40s. <3

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