Men who marry younger women live longer

An interesting study by German experts revealed that men who marry younger women enhance their chances of longevity, and those who tie the knot with older women meet a premature death. The analysis was carried by a research group at Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany. The researchers looked at the deaths of the entire population of Denmark between 1990 and 2005. Danish men who marry women much younger than them live longer.

According to the research, if a man marries a woman 15 and 17 years his junior, his chances of dying early are cut by one fifth. Also, it suggests that men cut the risk of premature death by 11 percent if their wives are seven to nine years younger. Another aspect highlighted by the study was that men who opted for older wives have an 11 percent higher chance of dying earlier.

The same does not apply to women with younger husbands. Women who marry men who are older or younger than they are by seven to nine years increase their chances of dying by 20 percent. If the age difference is close to 15 to 17 years, the figure goes up to 30 percent.

One explanation for the link between younger brides and longer life for older grooms could be natural selection. It is possible that younger women choose healthier, better maintained older men as their marriage mates.

Older Men dating younger women is true, more and more younger women who like dating older men. Age just a number, dating your love today!

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Two Stories about older men and younger women

Younger women want older men for a variety of reasons. Older men are more witty and confident than younger men. Most women really like conversing with mature, intellectual and witty men. This is another reason why younger women find older men attractive. Older men have a more sober and refined sense of humor which a lot of women find extremely attractive.

older men and younger women

Older men also provide a sense of security and stability which women, irrespective of their age find extremely appealing. Subconsciously every woman is looking for security and stability in a relationship. Older men generally know how to handle their cash. Older men have been through a lot of financial ups and downs and are generally prepared for the worst. Also, older men are not as impulsive as younger men.

Today, I want to share two stories about older men and younger women.


The Girl who wants an older man

I Am A 19 Year Old Girl Who Wants An Older Man. I’ve only had sex twice. The first was with a guy my age and was alright. The second was a sexual assault and ever since, I don’t trust or feel attracted to people my age. I only feel safe and turned on around older men. When I am in class and watch my professors, I literally have to stop myself from jumping their bones. Everytime I see an older man, I imagine what they would do if I tried to seduce them. I work as a Young Liberal for politicians and want to drive all the men around me crazy. I’m scared to put myself out there to older men though. I am nervous that most men would find it disgusting, which is why I like to look at stories about older men lusting after younger women because I get hope that I might be able to find someone who wants me that badly.

Older Men With Younger Women

I’m 61. Recently I was at a workshop and met a much younger woman (mid-twenties I would guess). It was a once-a-week workshop for 3 weeks. The first week I’m sure I noticed her looking at me from across the room a few times. The next week again I noticed even though we were in different places. At the end I was in the elevator and she rushed (well, maybe not rushed, but definitely made a sudden move) in to say that she knew me…It was true, I have interacted on the phone with her a few times during our business day…But not for over a year. We exchanged pleasantries and went on our separate ways. Here’s the thing…I’m very attracted to her. I think she’s a pretty shy gal so, during a break on the final day, I asked her privately at a break if she’s like to go out for lunch that day. She said yes but then she had to cancel to deal with a situation back at the office; but she agreed to meet another day. So we’re getting together this Friday.

Summary: The best place to find younger women looking for older men is

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All around the world, the number of older men dating younger women and the number of younger women seeking older men continues to rise for a variety of purposes. Some may include the fact that men which passed a certain age would like to feel young again or they just don’t feel in their element whenever they have a relationship with a woman of the same age. Just like men, there are also more and more women all around the world who feel like they cannot connect with men of their own age or are looking to have a more stable relationship.

via Older Men Younger Women Dating Site – Announces That Their Site Now Has a Mobile Version as Well.

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Slight Bump In The Road With My Older Man

ageless hookupI have been dating a man who’s 38, I’m 21. We had been dating for around 4 months, then he started acting distant and cold. I brought this up to him and he told me he suffered from severe depression causing Alopecia and that it stemmed from his bad break up that happened around 6 months ago. I called it a day and we went our seperate ways (despite his keen efforts to keep in touch with me as friends). I ended up hooking up with him a few times, as I did not have any willpower not to sleep with him… the sex is the best I have ever had. I ended up telling him to cut contact as my feelings were getting stronger for him and it wasn’t fair on me.

A month or so passes and he pops up to chat to me, telling me that he is on medication for his depression and is feeling great. He told me that he misses me and would love to go for coffee as friends. I agree, and we end up spending two nights in a row together. He can’t keep his hands off of me, he was even displaying public signs of affection – things he never done when we first started dating. His friends also made it apparent that he had been talking to them about me. He then asked me to go for dinner with him at the weekend.

The thing that confuses me is… he was so on and off with me, and when I broke it off with him, he was so desperate to keep me in his life. Now all of a sudden he is displaying signs that he wants to commit to me. We have been on and off for 7 months now and this is the only time I have spent with him that has made me feel like “yes he wants something more”. My insecurities are getting the better of me.. I’m just waiting on him turning cold again. I can’t tell if the medication has changed him (he told me things would of been different between us if he wasn’t suffering from depression) or he is using me or he is still confused. I don’t know what to do and I’m sick of bringing up the “what are we” talk with him.

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Why Dating Younger Women is Better?

Older men have for a while now been dating younger women and since people have gotten used to it, it barely raises an eyebrow. This is because the older man sees the fact that the younger woman does not have any baggage and this is regards to husbands who still exist in the younger woman’s life together with children. But whatever the case, dating a younger woman does not always mean that you will sail through the relationship which is why a number of guidelines should be followed for the whole dating relationship to run on smoothly.

  • You should be open about your past

Let the younger woman know the divorce or divorces you have been in and the number of kids you have. This does not mean that you are insane; the younger woman will only appreciate the fact that you told her and acknowledge that no one is perfect.

  • You should understand

This is in regards to her feelings. You should not view her as young which is why you do not quite respect her views on life and decisions. She is also a human being, which is why you should respect and look out for her feelings.

  • You should establish boundaries

Since you are obviously at different stages in life, you should be clear with her as to where the relationship stands. You may be seeing it as a fling while she is looking towards being your next wife! Having a talk with her and establishing boundaries in regards to where the relationship stands is important.

dating younger woman

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Why Older Men Seeking younger women ?

If you meet a guy who’s six years older than you and single, you didn’t hit the jackpot baby girl, more than likely you’ve ran into a nigga with issues that women his age don’t want to deal with. I’m sure your pussy is Lolita yanking and can handle an older dick, but can you handle the history of drama that comes along with it? Most of my boys are in their late 20′s and you couldn’t meet a more damaged group of guys. My one boy told me that this girl asked him why he was 28, no kids, and single. He replied that he hadn’t found the right girl yet. Yeah he did, and he drove that bitch away, I watched him do it. Guys like to call girls picky, but dudes are extremely picky after a certain age. Everything is a deal breaker when you’ve fucked 60+ chicks and every new girl reminds you of an old one who did you dirty. “She would be perfect if she didn’t have a kid” or “I’ve been hurt by girls like you” are bullshit excuses from older dudes who want attention but don’t want to settle down. older men kiss younger women

The Waited Too Long Guy: Men don’t panic as we get older. There is no Carrie Bradshaw in niggas, because we look at it like this, “30th birthday coming up, it’s all good because the girl I’m going to marry is still in elementary school Team 2000′s Baby, what!“. As long as they keep birthing females, a man will have a shot at settling down with something younger and prettier than the girl he just broke up with. Because of this “a coochie grows in Brooklyn” mentality, men don’t have a ticking time clock to settle down. If they want fatherhood fast, most guys will run up in a cute ratchet and pop out a kid in hopes of creating a Lebron James, but fatherhood doesn’t equal settling down. Why settle for your aging baby moms when you can be George Clooney and smash a gang of girls who understand the internet better than you do? Waited Too Long Guy had a few women who were probably “the one” but he was indecisive or he wasn’t done having fun, so he let her walk out of his life. Now he’s stuck in the matrix of dating. Women should stay away from this guy at all costs. He’s going to talk the talk, and tell you that he’s been waiting since 1997 for a girl like you, but it’s game. You’re new to him, you’re feisty, pretty, and you fuck like only a girl raised on Trina music can. Of course he’s going to be smitten with you. But once he wears your coochie out and gets tired of your sassiness and obsession with texting, he’s going to move on to the next PYT.

The Let’s Start A New Family Guy: This is the guy who has an ex wife or long time girlfriend. He has children, but he’s not happy at home. This guy is more attractive than Waited Too Long Guy because he’s demonstrated that he can settle down and be a father. The thing about this guy is that his past will always be his future. He’s been with this woman since he was in college, now he wants to leave her for you. Do you think she’s going to disappear? Who’s he going to live with? Are you going to sleep on their couch until the divorce is final? Can he move into your mother’s house and take the top bunk you use to share with your brother? This guy will talk the Nuevo ring out of your vagina and promise to be there, but the same reason he left his old family is the same reason he’ll leave you—boredom. When people have kids the romance changes, the sex changes, everything changes. You either adapt and still do your thing, or you give into the stress and start to hate the other person. Clearly The Let’s Start A New Family Guy didn’t have the patience. He could be a good guy to you, but I suggest learning everything you can about his old family and the reason it didn’t work out before canceling those Depo shots.

The Predator: Older women are harder to talk to… False. The real problem is that older women ask questions. They want to know where you work, where you went to school, what your plans in life are, how each one of your past relationships ended, and how you treat your mother. The sign of a mature woman is the ability to call you out on your bullshit. A little girl will allow a man to give half answers, contradict himself, and stay mysterious because she doesn’t want to rock the boat. A mature woman can’t afford to be so naïve, so she questions and challenges. Some men don’t like to open up, they’re looking for something light, fluffy, innocent, and fun. These men openly seek out young girls at the usual places. They’re the losers who hang at the mall in skinny jeans right after school lets out, sure they graduated in 03 but he figures the high school girl’s will be open off of his Cadillac and the fact that he has his own apartment. He’s comfortable hunting babies because she won’t ask about his fucked up credit score, being unemployed, the illegitimate kids, or any other deal breaker that a mature woman would sniff out during a first date. He gets to relive his golden age by smashing a gang of baby bitches who call him daddy and think that he’s cool. Don’t settle for being his fountain of youth, you can do so much better.

The Man Child: He probably still lives with mom, or maybe he’s living with his baby moms, same shit. He can’t hold down a job and still parties like he’s in college. 30 years old and his 20-year-old girlfriend has more sense than he does. This is the Peter Pan nigga who never grew up. He’s spoiled, whinny, and always needs. You get in an argument he’ll run back to his mother. He needs gas money, he’ll call you. He’s supposed to be the older mature man who lays pipe good and shows you the world, but he’d rather play video games and fuck you with a soft dick. The appeal of the man child is that he’s the most accessible of all older men, his immaturity attracts younger women because he speaks the language. At first you’ll think he’s fun and care free. He’ll take you out at first and show you a good time. Unlike guys your own age he shares his feelings. He tells you he loves you and expresses how you make him feel inside without a need to act tough. During the courting period the man child seems perfect. Give it a few months and his bullshit will wear thin. You’re a young woman. Every day you’re growing, you’re getting smarter, you’re becoming more ambitious, you need someone to grow with you. It’s not going to be the Man Child, his growth is stunted, and it’s not due to coffee it’s because every time a woman has called him out on his bullshit and told him to man up he’s run home to mommy. The reason he’s dating someone your age is due to the fact that mature women aren’t into pacifying his bitch ass. By the time you realize that he’s damaged goods, it’s going to be too late because the Man Child’s grown on you and you’re in love.

Younger women end up with older men all the time, once you hit a certain age it does become just a number. As nasty as it sounds there will be a girl born in 2001 who ends up marrying a guy born in 1981, but not every man is Jerry Seinfeld, know the warning signs when you’re dealing with these older cats and never think age = maturity. 16 year old girls who sleep with older men because of cars, celebrity, or status are a product of low self esteem mixed with miseducation. Some of those girls will come to their senses and learn that fucking bigger dicks doesn’t make you a bigger girl, others will grow into career hoes, a generation of Karrine Steffans minus the book deal. The key is realizing that once you turn 18, you can still date 18 year olds. You don’t have to date older because it’s legal. “Boys my age act young” they’re supposed to, maybe you should ask yourself why you’re racing to be grown instead of enjoying your youth. Stop obsessing over maturity and allow yourself to grow into a relationship with someone on your level. Why settle for someone who is jaded and has baggage because you’ve had bad experiences with guys around your age? A smart woman can train a young nigga to behave the way she wants, but no matter how hard she tries she can’t teach an old nigga new tricks.

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Younger Women Looking For Older Men Dating Sites

younger women looking for older menHow often have you complained about the man in your life not listening to your point of view patiently or getting insecure even if you as much as smile at another man? And those innumerable fights over payment of bills and the dithering over decisions. If you are nodding your head to one or all of these, chances are you are dating a man who is almost your age. Both of you are young, opinionated and too strong headed to come to a compromise.

But that is how it is when we are young. And that is precisely the reason younger women are only too happy to look up to older men for more satisfying relationships. It is no secret that the fairer sex matures much early even as the men take their own sweet time! So, it can be really frustrating when you are dating someone who is on a completely different wavelength.

From our experience, the women who decide to go ahead with dating an older man suddenly find none of the above mentioned spoilers make their appearance – and with good reason. An older man has more experience – both in life and in relationships. That is why chances are he will not freak out just because you have a male best friend. He has been there and can manage his ego on his own, something almost impossible to find in a younger man.

Then of course, an older man is more responsible. He has spent a lot of time taking care of himself, his family and his career. That also means he is less fazed by problems and is rather confident of his abilities to deal with situations without flying off the handle. This sense of responsibility also makes them great parents as they are willing to share the household duties while their younger ones might have balked at the very idea.

Also, older men are more financially stable and wise in their money matters – not bound to do things on a whim but only after careful consideration of the pros and cons. The stability – financial and emotional – is a huge plus point for any woman in a prospective partner.

Not only are older men happy to commit themselves to a relationship and settle down more readily as compared to their younger counterparts, they are also less likely to have a roving eye. They are generally past that stage and are looking for a life that is more predictable and relaxed. No wonder then that increasingly women are actively seeking out older men who they find to be more mature, confident, wise and strong-minded than anyone they have known before.

At, we seek to offer a safe and exciting platform for the women interested in such a relationship(younger women looking for older men). All you have to do is create a free profile at our website and start interacting with members you find interesting. You can look up with members with similar interests and make your search for a prospective partner easier. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us and get started on your journey to finding your soul mate.

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