Top 10 Dating Tips for a More Intimate Relationship

Maintaining a relationship is hard work, whether it is with a friend or a lover. The early days of any relationship are rightfully called the honeymoon period, with long conversations, sharing of interests, and general getting to know one another. But the relationship can start to collapse if the initial impetus does not continue. How you conduct the relationship and how much effort you invest in it after a certain period of time become the defining features of your relationship.

1. Being 100% there while your partner is speaking is really important. You may think that you can multitask while listening to someone else, but… not true. Our brain can handle only one task at a time, and therefore, it suspends work on one thing while completing the other. Something similar happens to us when we think that we can drive and have a conversation at the same time.

2. Maintaining eye contact is an interesting way to deepen a conversation without words being spoken, as it increases intimacy. The eyes are the windows to our soul; the deeper one looks into them, the deeper one can see into our very being. Our vulnerabilities are visible through our eyes, and maintaining eye contact is an established way of offering oneself up for intimacy.

3. Hormones are important. The increased production of oxytocin is a result of physical affection. Most of the time we feel tired after an intimate session of lovemaking. This is quite natural and nothing to feel guilty about. The investment we make in the relationship is visible when we take the effort to cuddle, draw the other person closer, and engage in other acts of physical tenderness. These help the tired feeling vanish and draw us closer as well.

4. Sharing feelings of spirituality is a great way to open up to another. Our religion or spirituality is something that is deep, meaningful, and valuable to us. Allowing another person access not only shows that we trust him or her, but also allows different worldviews to coexist. We may view our beliefs in a different light once we have taken the trouble to share them with somebody close to our heart. It draws people closer and helps propagate the feeling of communion which is very much lacking in today’s world.

5. Paying attention to what the other person is saying seems like such a simple tip, but this is something we all fail to do at times. We are so caught up in our daily schedules, in our work, and in ourselves that we hardly have time to really sit down and listen to others. We give them a cursory hearing and feel better that our job is done. This only helps separate people and creates misunderstandings and tension. You will find that if you really listen to someone, you can gauge a lot about the person through the nuances of his or her voice than what he or she is actually saying.

6. Acceptance is the key to understanding. We often have to compromise on a lot of small things in order to realize the greater goals of togetherness. For example, it doesn’t really matter if your partner refuses to like the TV show that you are such a fan of. At the end of the day, will these things count or will issues like trust, dependence, and love be counted? So accept the fact that your partner is an individual entity with individual likes and dislikes that may not be in accordance with your own. Acceptance holds the key to a successful relationship.

7. Being emotionally available to our partner is something that should come naturally to us but often doesn’t. The reason is similar to the point discussed above. We are so caught up in our affairs that we build a shell around ourselves and don’t let people get to know the real us. This may be due to insecurity or lack of trust. Needless to say, lack of trust and insecurities do not make for a successful or healthy relationship. Being emotionally available to your partner is the perfect way of sharing a life together.

8. Support: There are four kinds of support according, to research. Newlyweds have claimed that physical and emotional support, as well as informational support and support to self-esteem, are all very important. Supporting your partner through thick and thin, making him or her feel that they can count on you, is such an important thing in a relationship that it cannot be overstated. The right kind and the right level of support is the real trick. You don’t want to stifle the other person with your constant advice, but you also should be there for him or her when they need it. Striking a balance in this case is absolutely crucial.

9. Laughing together is another important activity because it helps us unwind and is the perfect way to make a fight dissolve. Laughing is not just something we do at a joke, but it is an established form of social interaction and resolving undefined tensions between people.

10. Finding common interests is very important. Don’t let the seven-year itch get you or your relationship down. Find and pursue common interests together. There are only so many sweet nothings you can whisper in the course of a relationship. Finding common interests will help you both grow together.

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I Am Attracted To Younger Women

I want to make you smile
One that will always last
I like to see you happy
And those beautiful eyes as you laugh

I desire that you know
How you make me feel
Because you make me write poems that are nice
I can’t believe this is real

I want to give you flowers
Just to bring you joy
I want to love you like a man
Not treat you as a toy like a boy

How my heart is so empty
I want your love for it to fill
I wonder this world searching in darkness
Hoping one day our relationship will be real


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I Date Older Men And I need Help

I know most of you are gonna judge me but I need help. I’m a 17 year old girl and I’ve been seeing this guy, nathan, from work who is 27. To keep things short, nathan started talking to me thinking I was older, but realized just how young I was when we started dating and we both decided not to let the age difference be an issue as long as we kept our relationship a secret. Don’t get me wrong, dating an older guy is kinda fun, but today I realized something. I went to this carnival in my town tonight that they have every year, and I saw the guy from school who I used to have a huge crush on and all these other people from school who were with their boyfriends/girlfriends that are all relatively the same age, and it just got me thinking. I like nathan a lot, but im seeing my crush and all these other kids from school made me realize that I’m just starting to live my life, and nathan has already begun his a long time ago. I just feel like I want to travel and do all these great things with my life, and nathan isn’t really going to do greater things with his. After seeing my crush, it made me realize that I should date someone like him instead of what feels like this old man that I’ve been seeing. But I need your opinions. I don’t want to hear about how I should break up with him because it’s illegal, but I want to know if you think I should break up with him because of my own reasoning, and if I should tell him exactly what I said on here.x

What do you think? Thanks for answering.

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Why Some Younger Women Like Older Men

Younger women often enjoy the company of older man for a variety of reasons. A very common reason that many women turn to older men is that these men are more mature than the men their own age. Women mature faster than men and therefore want to be with a man who is closer to them in maturity level. Women do not want to date a man who would rather play computer games then spend time with her. This is not a problem with an older man.

Some women, and in particular those who have an absent father, look to an older man as a type of father figure or mentor. This is often a mutually beneficial arrangement for both parties involved. A woman will receive guidance and gain more life experience from being with an older man while the older man gets to feel that he is powerful and is looked up to by the woman.

Men who are mature also tend to be worldlier and more self-confident as they know themselves better, which is something that attracts younger women. Older men are more experienced sexually but tend to have less of a sex drive but many women find that the lovemaking with an older man is completely fulfilling to them, as older men are better at listening to the needs of a younger woman than a man their own age tends to be. Not being as drive by testosterone often makes older men better in bed than younger men, according to some women. Older men often view pleasure in a different light than younger men and are more concerned with the woman’s pleasure as opposed to their own. This makes them very appealing to younger women.

Older men tend to be more steadfast and stable and are generally more established and settled in their chosen careers than are younger men. The security that comes from being financially viable and well established is traits that tend to draw younger women to older men in droves. An older man is no longer in college or struggling away at a low paying job but is secure and generally doing well at his profession.

Women like the chivalry that older men often show and they like the fact that older men tend to have more respect for them and they are polite and have manners. Women like men who know how to be men. In today’s society many young people are delaying growing. Most women want to be with men who are responsible and can stand on their own two feet and are able to support themselves and take care of themselves without their mother’s help. Most women do not want a man who is supported his parents. That is why many younger women seek out the company of an older man.

younger women like older men

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Men who marry younger women live longer

An interesting study by German experts revealed that men who marry younger women enhance their chances of longevity, and those who tie the knot with older women meet a premature death. The analysis was carried by a research group at Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany. The researchers looked at the deaths of the entire population of Denmark between 1990 and 2005. Danish men who marry women much younger than them live longer.

According to the research, if a man marries a woman 15 and 17 years his junior, his chances of dying early are cut by one fifth. Also, it suggests that men cut the risk of premature death by 11 percent if their wives are seven to nine years younger. Another aspect highlighted by the study was that men who opted for older wives have an 11 percent higher chance of dying earlier.

The same does not apply to women with younger husbands. Women who marry men who are older or younger than they are by seven to nine years increase their chances of dying by 20 percent. If the age difference is close to 15 to 17 years, the figure goes up to 30 percent.

One explanation for the link between younger brides and longer life for older grooms could be natural selection. It is possible that younger women choose healthier, better maintained older men as their marriage mates.

Older Men dating younger women is true, more and more younger women who like dating older men. Age just a number, dating your love today!

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Two Stories about older men and younger women

Younger women want older men for a variety of reasons. Older men are more witty and confident than younger men. Most women really like conversing with mature, intellectual and witty men. This is another reason why younger women find older men attractive. Older men have a more sober and refined sense of humor which a lot of women find extremely attractive.

older men and younger women

Older men also provide a sense of security and stability which women, irrespective of their age find extremely appealing. Subconsciously every woman is looking for security and stability in a relationship. Older men generally know how to handle their cash. Older men have been through a lot of financial ups and downs and are generally prepared for the worst. Also, older men are not as impulsive as younger men.

Today, I want to share two stories about older men and younger women.


The Girl who wants an older man

I Am A 19 Year Old Girl Who Wants An Older Man. I’ve only had sex twice. The first was with a guy my age and was alright. The second was a sexual assault and ever since, I don’t trust or feel attracted to people my age. I only feel safe and turned on around older men. When I am in class and watch my professors, I literally have to stop myself from jumping their bones. Everytime I see an older man, I imagine what they would do if I tried to seduce them. I work as a Young Liberal for politicians and want to drive all the men around me crazy. I’m scared to put myself out there to older men though. I am nervous that most men would find it disgusting, which is why I like to look at stories about older men lusting after younger women because I get hope that I might be able to find someone who wants me that badly.

Older Men With Younger Women

I’m 61. Recently I was at a workshop and met a much younger woman (mid-twenties I would guess). It was a once-a-week workshop for 3 weeks. The first week I’m sure I noticed her looking at me from across the room a few times. The next week again I noticed even though we were in different places. At the end I was in the elevator and she rushed (well, maybe not rushed, but definitely made a sudden move) in to say that she knew me…It was true, I have interacted on the phone with her a few times during our business day…But not for over a year. We exchanged pleasantries and went on our separate ways. Here’s the thing…I’m very attracted to her. I think she’s a pretty shy gal so, during a break on the final day, I asked her privately at a break if she’s like to go out for lunch that day. She said yes but then she had to cancel to deal with a situation back at the office; but she agreed to meet another day. So we’re getting together this Friday.

Summary: The best place to find younger women looking for older men is

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All around the world, the number of older men dating younger women and the number of younger women seeking older men continues to rise for a variety of purposes. Some may include the fact that men which passed a certain age would like to feel young again or they just don’t feel in their element whenever they have a relationship with a woman of the same age. Just like men, there are also more and more women all around the world who feel like they cannot connect with men of their own age or are looking to have a more stable relationship.

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